About Us

Mission Statement

Hopkins Undergraduate Bioethics Society (HUBS) is a student led organization at Johns Hopkins University that hopes to provide undergraduate students with an outlet to develop their skills and apply what they have learned in their courses to various ethical issues in medicine, biology, and emerging sciences. We are interested in teaching and fostering successful leadership skills to students so that they may utilize these qualities in all aspects of their lives. We hope to not only to introduce key concepts in bioethics that can shape our own moral understandings, but we also hope to empower students with the ability to critically analyze complex problems in our society and make informed decisions. We then encourage students to take this knowledge and critical thinking to engage the public and foster an organic debate regarding the myriad of bioethical issues in today’s world.

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Executive Board

Directors/Alumni Advisors
Ishan Dasgupta (JHU 2010)
Jennifer Alejo (JHU 2013)

Saad Anjum (JHU 2014)
Zachary David (JHU 2014)

Financial Officer
Saad Anjum (JHU 2014)

Event Chair
Albert Chavesta (JHU 2016)

Event Administrator
Nicole Hayes (JHU 2014)

Ahmed Elsayyad (2016)

Past Presidents/Directors

Jennifer Alejo (JHU 2013)
The Johns Hopkins University
History of Science, Medicine & Technology and Bioethics B.A. 2013

Ishan Dasgupta
Founding President & Director
The Johns Hopkins University
Behavioral Biology and Philosophy B.A. 2010

Ban Wang
The Johns Hopkins University
Molecular and Cellular Biology B.S. 2012

Abbas Rattani
University of Pennsylvania
Masters in Ethics 2010
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Biology and Religion B.A. 2009


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