Are there specific ethical challenges that face premedical students? Are the next generation of medical students really ready for a future in medicine?

This panel will examine some of these questions and issues in premedical culture such as medical professionalism, personal integrity and value that may pose some serious ethical problems for the future of medicine. Issues presented at this event will not only be useful for current applicants who will have to answer these questions during their interviews, but also prospective applicants who will likely face these questions and issues in real life as well as on the newly reformed MCAT exam in 2015.

Abbas Rattani, MBE – Research Coordinator at the Berman Institute of Bioethics

Dr. Henry Sondheimer, MD – Senior Director of Student Affairs and Holistic Review at AAMC)
Dr. Milford Foxwell, MD – Associate Dean of Admissions at University of Maryland School of Medicine
Dr. David Verrier, PhD – Director of Office of Pre-Professional Advising at JHU
Scott Clark – Member of the Undergraduate Ethics Board

And featuring other special guests.

Other questions that will be discussed:

What are the principles and meaning behind the Institutional Action question on AMCAS and the ethical ramifications for the applicant?
How do medical schools approach the teaching of medical ethics and bioethics, both in the formal curriculum, in the clinic, in “hidden curriculum,” etc.
Do medical school admissions envision an outcome that will select students with higher moral integrity and/or knowledge of medical ethics?
Do you think that the pending changes in the MCAT for 2015, with content areas including ethics and philosophy, potentially have an impact on premedical education?

Refreshments from vendor will be served immediately following the event. Please come early for guaranteed seating.

Sponsored by:
Office of Pre-Professional Program and Advising
Berman Institute of Bioethics
Undergraduate Program in Public Health Studies
Department of Philosophy
Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program

With support from:
AED (Alpha Delta Epsilon)
IND (Iota Nu Delta)