In our collaborative efforts to provide undergraduate students with an outlet to develop their critical thinking skills, the Hopkins Undergraduate Bioethics Society and the Public Health Student Forum have teamed up to host a symposium on November 14, 2011 at 7:00pm. The event will be held in the Charles Commons ballroom. The first 36 delegates to register will participate in six roundtable discussions on various ethical issues within health policy (no prior knowledge is required). Seats are limited, and registration is required. Please read the HUBS Film Terms and Conditions as this event will be filmed. Food will be provided.

To register, go to

Topics will include:
1. Is the recent healthcare law ethical?
2. Should vaccination be compulsory?
3. Is healthcare a right?
4. Is euthanasia ever justifiable? If so, when?
5. If the government is providing welfare, does the government have a right to decide what people eat?
6. Is it justifiable to draft people into clinical trials?
7. In bioethics legal cases, who gets to decide what is right? Should it be decided by the public, or by religion? What gives a governing body the right to make healthcare decisions?
8. Who has the right to make decisions for mentally ill patients? At which point is someone mentally ill? At what point are you considered addicted?
9. How regulated should the drug market be? Can a competitive, profit-dependent drug market facilitate ethical research and commercial practices?