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On February 23, 2011 we will be hosting our first event of 2011! Considering that HUBS started from scratch back in the fall, we believe our spring lineup is a serious accomplishment. We hope that you are bombarded by our flyers, posters, flash ads, and radio announcements, all advertising our schedule of upcoming events.

You can view all of our juicy topics and their dates on our calendar. We’ll be kicking off our series of events with a lecture by Hilary Bok (so obviously, we are excited). She’ll give us an in-depth look into whose cells get included in stem cell banks and who therapies will benefit.  Will people be left out due to race or ethnicity?

You’ll notice our events alternate between lectures and discussions. The point is to incite informed debate. We want you to absorb the lecture like a sponge but then come back for our following discussion and raise questions, debate, and ultimately help us reach a conclusion or a course of action. We want something to show for our discussions, so they’ll be tweeted, facebooked, and blogged etc.

This is our plan and it’s happening. So take a look at our calendar.